Kathy Toth


Welcome to my site. I am a Swedish/Hungarian artist situated in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. My work spans through several mediums, including the making and filming of miniatures and the creation of stop-motion animations from hand drawn drawings.

I am interested in the various methods scientific subjects employ in order to help us understand abstract ideas and natural phenomena. These methods often include visual material such as diagrams and television documentaries, but also scientific lectures where explanations often consist of illustrations, metaphors, analogies and stories.

Past works such as Nature-Processes, Iceland and The Abandoned City are inspired by scientific television documentaries on various natural processes and remote places, whereas more recent works focus on diagrams and lectures. Loop and Drawing Installation focus purely on the visual qualities of scientific diagrams and how these can be re-interpreted once they are stripped of surrounding information. Train, Lost Moons and Geodesic on the other hand look at diagrams, the explanation of them and the equations behind them as a whole and in relation to explanatory metaphors and narratives. These works are mainly inspired by professor Leonardo Suskind's lectures on general relativity.


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